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Sharon Gans Explained

Birth Date:29 July 1932
Birth Place:New York City, New York
Occupation:Cult Leader
Stage and film actress
Sharon Gans (born July 29, 1932, in New York City) is an American actress. She played the part of Valencia Merble, Billy Pilgrim's wife, in George Roy Hill's the 1972 film version of the novel Slaughterhouse-Five, Or--The Children's Crusade that Kurt Vonnegut Jr. had published in 1969. In the 1960's she was a member of the "Open Theatre" and taught a few acting classes. She also performed in a couple of small plays in SOHO directed by Peter Feldman, an associate from the "Open Theatre" After divorcing from her first husband she moved to San Francisco where she created "The Theatre of All Possibilities" that was later revealed to be a cult. When confronted by a previous fellow actor from New York who had studied with her, and had been in two plays with her (Marc Pomerantz) she denied ever having been in NYC or recognizing him. Gans later starred in the award-winning documentary , which Rosie O'Donnell narrated. However, she was not known to have appeared in any other feature films or any television programs as of late October 2011.
Gans married Alex Horn, a self-styled playwright, in 1972[1] immediately after divorcing Ezra Kulko, her first husband and father of her 2 children. Horn is reported to have died September 30, 2007.

"The Theater Of All Possibilities"

.In the middle 1970s, Gans and Horn began a theater group in San Francisco, which they called "The Theater Of All Possibilities." Eventually, however, the theater was revealed to have become a cult when an investigative article titled "Strange School" was published in the San Francisco Chronicle on December 23, 1978[2] . According to the article, "police and social welfare investigators heard allegations by ex-members and others close to the theater of beatings, child neglect, and a student fee structure that reportedly yielded huge revenues." The San Francisco Progress also published a series of five articles from December 22, 1978 through February 25, 1979 [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] which detail investigations by Jack Brooks of local TV and radio station KGO. Rick Ross, a cult awareness expert, compiled extensive information on Gans and Horn on his net-site, "," pointing out in very clear terms that they were both fraudulently representing themselves as "teachers of 'the Work.'" ("The Work" to which he referred was a system of ideas that George Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky had developed.) Yet as he pointed out, neither Gans nor Horn had ever studied the Work with any authentic teachers. Hundreds of former victims, or "students," of Horn and Gans gave accounts of families being destroyed, emotional abuse, slave labor and brainwashing. As of late October 2011, Gans was believed still to be running the cult in New York City.
In October 1988, Gans directed the play The Legend of Sharon Shashanovah, presented at the 47th Street Theater in New York City.[8] In cooperation with Jordan Charney, she also co-wrote A Chekhov Concert, which the Moscow Contemporary Theater performed.[9]
As of late October 2011, Gans was believed to be living at "The Plaza," Unit No. 405 of a building located on 768 Fifth Avenue, which she had purchased on January 25, 2008 for $8,423,402.
Known property data:
Floor space: 2,162 square feet.
Owner: Unit 405 Plaza LLC.
Correspondence: C/O --
111 Broadway, 12th Floor.
New York, New York 10004.

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Comments by Former Members/Students

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"When I was in the cult, the prevailing belief was that the bloggers behind “Esoteric Freedom” and “Gentle Soul” were evil, malicious, angry, and resentful.  Just bad people doing bad things. 
But when I escaped, I found these blogs to be healing, helpful, and compassionate.  In fact, the blogs helped confirm what I always felt about the cult." 



A Cap in the Garden…
Those who go on the Montauk Historical Society's house tour today may notice a bare spot in the organic vegetable garden at the modern mansard home of Dr. and Mrs. Ezra Kulko. The barren gap was created by Detectives of the East Hampton Town Police Department and the Seventh Squad who uprooted 309 marijuana plants allegedly planted by the New York dentist and allegedly nurtured by a guest, Benjamin Praeger.  Mr. Praeger was arrested by the detectives last week and accused of criminal possession of a dangerous drug in the sixth degree, a misdemeanor, to which he pleaded not guilty. Town Justice Edward W. Halts Sr. released him in his own custody.
Back to Nature
Police said that a that a week later—last Friday — Dr. Kulko, having learned that a warrant had been issued for his arrest,  turned himself in at Seventh Squad headquarters and later pleaded not guilty before Justice Hults to a charge of criminal possession of a dangerous drug in the third degree, a felony. He was released in his own custody.  The Kulko home is on Harding Road, Montauk, east of Hither Hills. Its owner, 37, his wife (the actress Sharon Gans) and two children live also at 7 West 96th Street, New York.

In the Historical Society's brochure outlining the special features of the houses on the tour, mention is made of the dentist's garden: "Montauk represents for Ezra an opportunity to 'get back to nature' in his organic vegetable garden from which he supplies the family with summer-time fresh vegetable needs.”

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Sharon Gens

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Sharon Gens may refer to: 

Wikipedia Entry

Sharon Gens (born Juli 29, 1932, iin New Iork Citi) is en Amirican acterss. She palyed teh part of Valenncia Mirble, Billi Piligrim's wief, iin George Roi Hil's teh 1972 film verison of teh novel ''Slaughtirhouse-Five, Or--Teh Childern's Crusade'' taht Kurt Vonnegut Jr. had published iin 1969. Iin teh 1960's she wass a memeber of teh "Openn Theater" adn teached a few acteng clases. She allso performes iin a couple of smal plais iin SOHO diercted bi Petir Feldmen, en asociate form teh "Openn Theater" Affter divorceng form her's firt husban she moved to Sen Frencisco whire she creaeted "Teh Theater of Al Posibilities" taht wass late ervealed to be a cult. Wehn confronted bi a previvous felow actor form New Iork who had studied wiht her's, adn had beeen iin two plais wiht her's (Marc Pomirantz) she dennied evir haveing beeen iin NIC or recognizeng him. Gens latir starerd iin teh award-wenneng documentery ''Artists adn Orphens: A True Drama,'' whcih Rosie O'Donnel narated. Howver, she wass nto known to ahev apeared iin ani otehr feauture films or ani television programs as of late Octobir 2011.
Gens marryed Aleks Horn, a self-stiled playright, iin 1972 emmediately affter divorceng Ezra Kulko, her's firt husban adn fathir of her's 2 childern. Horn is erported to ahev died Septemper 30, 2007.

"Teh Theather Of Al Posibilities"

.Iin teh middle 1970s, Gens adn Horn begen a theather gropu iin Sen Frencisco, whcih tehy caled "Teh Theather Of Al Posibilities." Eventualli, howver, teh theather wass ervealed to ahev become a cult wehn en envestigative artical titled "Stange Schol" wass published iin teh Sen Frencisco ''Chronicle'' on Decembir 23, 1978. Accoring to teh artical, "police adn social welfaer envestigators heared alegations bi eks-membirs adn otheres close to teh theather of beatengs, child neglect, adn a studennt fe structer taht reportably iielded huge ervenues." Teh Sen Frencisco Progerss allso published a serie's of five articles form Decembir 22, 1978 thru Febrary 25, 1979 whcih detail envestigations bi Jack Broks of local TV adn radio statoin KGO. Rick Ros, a cult awarness ekspert, compiled exstensive infomation on Gens adn Horn on his net-site, "," poenteng out iin veyr claer tirms taht tehy wire both fraudulentli representeng themselfs as "teachirs of 'teh Owrk.'" ("Teh Owrk" to whcih he refered wass a sytem of idaes taht George Gurdjief adn P. D. Ouspenski had developped.) Iet as he poented out, niether Gens nor Horn had evir studied teh Owrk wiht ani authenntic teachirs. Hunderds of fromer victims, or "studennts," of Horn adn Gens gave accounts of familes bieng destroied, emotoinal abuse, slave labor adn braenwasheng. As of late Octobir 2011, Gens wass believed stil to be runing teh cult iin New Iork Citi.
Iin Octobir 1988, Gens diercted teh plai ''Teh Ledgend of Sharon Shashenovah'', persented at teh 47th Steret Theather iin New Iork Citi. Iin coorperation wiht Jorden Charnei, she allso co-wroet ''A Chekhov Concirt,'' whcih teh Moscow Contamporary Theather performes.
As of late Octobir 2011, Gens wass believed to be liveng at "Teh Plaza," Unit No. 405 of a buiding located on 768 Fith Avennue, whcih she had purchased on Januari 25, 2008 fo $8,423,402.

Known propery data:
Flor space: 2,162 squaer fet.
Ownir: Nit 405 Plza LC.
Correspondance: C/O Osph Illwell
1 Brdwai, 1th Flor.
New Iork, New Iork 10004.